Parent Volunteer Screening

If you are interested in being a parent volunteer for events such as tag days, live ins, overnights, etc over the course of your child's Navy League Cadet or Sea Cadet career, you are required to be screened. If you are looking at being screened, please talk to the Screening Designate for your cadet's respective corps. 

After this information is received, you will receive a letter from Saskatoon Branch to take to your local Police Station to get a Criminal Record Check - this will be at no charge to you. After the Criminal Record Check has been completed, you will receive a letter from the Police Service stating there is no Criminal Record. You are required to bring the original letter to your corps to put with your package to mail to out Divisional Office in Regina.

If you have any questions regarding the Screening Process, please see your cadet's Corps Screening Designate.

The complete Volunteer Screening Process is processed by the Navy League of Canada and is compliant to The Navy League of Canada's Privacy Policy. Please see the links below for further details.

The Navy League of Canada's Screening Process

The Navy League of Canada's Privacy Policy