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Drop-off and pick-up of CADETS 

At HM Weir we have a policy that parents MUST walk their children into the building, and come in to pick them up at the end. We understand that this may be inconvenient, but it IS downtown, and the safety of the children must be our top priority.
As an explanation of our position, one year we were ordered to cease operations across the country during and after the events involving the Ottawa War Memorial. Despite our best efforts to communicate with families, a number of children almost got dropped off to a locked building. We had someone standing by for this eventuality, but it would seem that had we not, some children would have been left alone outside the building. I appreciate the trust and faith you put in myself and my team. So please trust me when I say that we need to take those extra few minutes to bring the cadets inside the building.
So: please walk your child into the building to make sure someone is here to receive them. We would not want a child sitting outside the building without supervision!

TEAM SNAP web site:

Please refer to our new web page http://www.teamsnap.com for the entire training year schedule, our new availability option, our members page and much, much more! Please check the schedule regularly as we will be updating it on a regular basis. If you have not received an email invitation to this site please see SLt Larsen.

Along with this web site (www.navyleaguesaskatoon.org) we will be using our Teamsnap web page (www.teamsnap.com) as a primary means of communication with cadet parents and families. Please ENSURE we have a current email address AND home/cell parent contact number.

J. Haines SLt(NL)

Commanding Officer

#18 NLCC HM Weir

Over the last year we have been working with Facebook as many people indicate they like it better. Many people use Facebook every day, its notifications come to their phone, they can access it with a computer if they have to. And from an editor's point of view, I have to say the same things: i can edit it when I am on the go, I don't have to get to a particular workstation, etc. If you have been checking this page, you will be aware that it has not been updated regularly. Many reminders and announcments get sent out via TeamSnap right to your mailbox, so we question the need to update too many places, with the potential issues that can cause.

I would like to let all of our followers know that many announcements will be made on Facebook, at www.facebook.com/HM.Weir. Updates, reminders and notes will continue to be sent out via TeamSnap. 

As ever, we are available to you on Thursday nights, and Sunday mornings. If you do NOT like this decision, please feel free to talk to us, email, or chat with your Branch President. We do want to know what you think. We have been getting positive comments for good communicaitons with our families, above all else, I wish for that to continue. 

Thank you

J. Haines, SLt (NL)  CO