Corps Policies

Cadet Uniforms

Cadets are issued uniforms, and this is the accepted dress on parade nights, unless otherwise noted in routine orders. From time to time sports gear or other is authorized. Civilian clothing is the usual dress for weekend training, unless otherwise noted. Such attire should be modest and appropriate for the activity. Special requirements are usually provided in the form of a "kit list" for a particular exercise. Use of cadet uniforms as "costumes" and for unauthorized activities is not permitted. If unsure, please talk to the Executive Officer.

An "authorized activity" is something that the Commanding Officer (CO) arranges. This includes Thursday night parades,  and other activities that the corps, as a group, does.

Activities that a single cadet may want to do on their own needs to be discussed and approved by the CO. This can include school activities, family gatherings, or honoring relatives who are veterans.  We understand that these, and others, are worthwhile causes but we have to ensure guidelines are followed and approval from the right people obtained.

Please talk to us, and understand that depending on the circumstances, we may need thirty days or more advance notice.  Thank you for understanding.


Cadets MUST have 75% attendance to take part in any out of unit training; this includes, but is not limited to
              a) Weekend Training; 
              b) Sporting Activities; 
              c) Citizenship Tours; and 
              d) Summer Camp

Mandatory Parades

There are certain parades or events that are classified as Mandatory. For all these events a cadet’s attendance is a must. If a cadet is unable to attend, the cadet must phone or email the ship's office explaining the absence to be marked as Excused and not Absent.

Out of Unit Training

There are a number of out-of-unit training weekends that cadets may participate in. Sign-up sheets will be posted on the Bulletin Board approximately 3 weeks prior to the exercise. Selection of cadets will be based on attendance, dress and deportment. The Thursday before the out of unit training weekend, there will be a meeting when permission forms, parental consent forms and kit lists will be given to those selected cadets.

Sports Activities

Cadets will be informed of sports activities in advance. All “on-board” activities require cadets to wear appropriate gym clothes and RUNNERS. Watch Routine Orders to find out the “dress of the day”.


HMCS UNICORN is on loan to us from the Department of National Defence. Any damage to the building or contents will be charged back to the responsible parties.

Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and/or drinking is not permitted for any cadet or staff on any cadet activity - NO EXCEPTIONS!